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Texting meme


Send ✆ for a morning text

Send ✉ for a text that wasn’t sent

Send ☎ for a rushed text

Send ☏ for a loving text

Send for a drunk text

Send ø for a late night text

Send for a hateful text


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phew! picked these doodles up and finished them today! mostly got inspired by my chemical romance and this song. most of the quotes are also from tdas ;) shout out to iamsoproh for helping me w/ the quotes!

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"Looks like I’ve missed a lot while I was gone. I’m gonna need to get up to speed. Who are all these new people?"

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[Just finished catching up on Once Upon a Time. Good show. Made me really want to get back to being on Gwen’s blog more often. ]

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{gothgirlgwen, theartsytype


{ ♚ } ❝Just when I thought I was finally rid of you people, here you are yet again.

"The feeling is mutual, Heather."

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Hey friends, let’s not forget that this song exists and is adorable as all heck.

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Reblog this for written permission to send you asks if we’ve never interacted before.

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Cause of death


The “Beautiful Boy” montage

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noah+glasses=cute nerd

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